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I demand an end to the PRIMITIVE, UNLAWFUL, DEMONIC act of 'Jungle Justice' .

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Jungle justice is not only barbaric, but an ungodly act of Terror and a callous display of sheer lawlessness by any group of persons ANYWHERE in the World !

Life is such a precious GIFT from God The Almighty , if you cant give (create) it then don't take it ! There isn't a better time to create a consciousness for the regard of Life in our communities and place a strong demand on the people to always allow justice to take its course whenever there are issues within the Community instead of playing judge and God on reflex without gathering facts. The populous belief that justice is not a Nigerian due to police corruption or judicial manoeuvering which is often times common, is NEVER an excuse for the heinous act of 'jungle justice' which is plain murder .

Too often in recent times, there has been an alarming rate of innocent victims falling prey to hoodlums and criminals in communities seeking to draw blood in the name of 'jungle justice' when there is an occurrence.  The recent  massacre of innocent Nigerians SUSPECTED to be the notorious badoo gang members terrorizing Ikorodu area for a long time, is highly suspicious. Chinedu a graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic and comedian by profession, was dehumanized, macheted and burnt alive by an angry mob along 2 others at Odogunyan area where their vehicle broke down. Nigeria must cease to identify with such a barbaric lifestyle which is on the increase in our Communities as people play God and judge. Government Must hold persons of such devilish acts punishable by Law to serve as a strong warning to perpetrators !

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