Call for Makana Municipality to be dissolved & placed under full administration

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We call on the Eastern Cape Provincial Executive to dissolve the Makana Municipal Council and appoint an administrator until the election of a new Council, in terms of Section 139(1)(c) of the South African Constitution.

The Makana Municipal Council has failed to meet its Executive Obligations.

They are unable or unwilling to:

  • exercise the municipality’s executive and legislative authority and use the resources of the municipality in the best interests of the community;
  • provide, without favour or prejudice, democratic and accountable government;
  • ensure that municipal services are provided to the community in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner;
  • consult the community about the level, quality, range and impact of municipal services and the available options for service delivery;
  • give members of the community equitable access to the municipal services to which they are entitled;
  • promote and undertake development in the municipality;
  • promote a safe and healthy environment in the municipality.

We believe there are exceptional circumstances which warrant the dissolution of the Municipal Council.