Ask European Parliament to Sanction Climate Pariah Nations Like Australia

Ask European Parliament to Sanction Climate Pariah Nations Like Australia

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Nigel Howard started this petition to The European Parliament

While UK is still a member of the EU, as a dual citizen, I am able to petition the European Parliament.  Here is the pretition I want to take to all MEP's with as many Australian signatures as possible.  I hope you can add your signature.  Thanks for considering:

Climate Emergency Action

Punitive Sanctions on Climate Pariah Nations like Australia

We are writing as concerned citizens from Australia to thank you for voting a “Climate Emergency” on behalf of your nations and to ask you take action against climate pariah nations like Australia.  We are ashamed of our own government’s position of denial and obstruction of climate emergency action and seek your help.

Although Australia’s emissions represent only 1.3% of the global total, we have a small population and the 5th highest per capita emissions globally and the highest amongst OECD countries.   But far worse, according to the Australia Institute, Australia has the third highest emissions from exported fuels globally.  Combining our domestic emissions and emissions from exports, Australia is the third largest global emitter of greenhouse gases. Wherever in the world these fuels are burnt, these fuels affect the global climate and Australia’s climate. 

Although our government signed the Paris agreement, their commitment was to minimal ambition when it is technically feasible, economically beneficial and would provide more jobs to make a much bigger commitment.  We are ashamed that our emissions are rising and that our government intend to cheat on the way Australia’s emissions are counted by carrying forward Kyoto credits. 

This year we have experienced unprecedented drought, bush-fires, flooding, mass fish kills (100yr old Murray Cod), water shortage, heat wave flying fox deaths and still at the start of our summer season.

A Lowy Institute poll shows that 89% of Australians accept that global warming is of concern and 61% consider it a serious and pressing problem that we should be acting on even if this involves significant costs.  The poll also shows that 84% of Australians support a rapid transition to renewable energy.

Our Coalition government’s position is one of belligerent denial of human caused climate change and of accelerating the exploitation of fossil fuels, especially coal and fracked natural gas mainly for export.  Our Federal and State governments are continuing to approve and subsidise grotesque megamines to extract coal of poor quality to export and to frack for gas also predominantly for export.  Our Federal government have totally failed to establish effective energy policy to reduce emissions, reduce energy costs and improve reliability, refusing to accept expert technical and economic expert advice and continuing to actively promote coal fired power.  Policy uncertainty is cited by the power sector as the principal reason for delayed investment in renewables.

Australia is treating our neighbours (Pacific Islands Forum) with shameful cruelty  and acting irresponsibly toward all other nations and to future generations.  Our government is committing crimes against humanity – genocide and ecocide that we do not endorse.

According to the Climate Accountability Institute, just 100 corporations globally are responsible for 71% of global emissions and according to Greenpeace the coal industry has infiltrated Australia's federal government through a secretive network of ties, working to influence Australia’s political decisions at the highest level.  This extends to the sponsorship of political parties monitored by Market Forces.

With all major parties "bought-out" by fossil fuel industries, the Australian people have become powerless to influence their governments to act in the interests of the voting public and all of our and your childrens’ futures are being put at risk by Australia as the fifth largest contributor.

Our plea therefore is for the European Parliament to pass a resolution declaring Australia (and other nations not acting on a Climate Emergency) as climate pariahs and calling on member countries to put punitive sanctions and tariffs on all exports (especially fossil fuel exports) from Australia until we are pulling our weight on emissions reductions as a responsible member of the international community.

Thank you for considering,

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