No GM carnations on the EU market, they withstand an herbicide that is also a drug.

No GM carnations on the EU market, they withstand an herbicide that is also a drug.

September 20, 2019
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Member of the EC for Cyprus Mrs. Stella Kyriakides
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Why this petition matters

Started by Miep Bos

We, The European GMO-free Citizens and those from other countries do not want these GM carnations. The mark is GGO C/NL/13/02. (FLO-40685-2, Florigene® Moonvista™).

These plants are GMO´s because their color has been changed by changing their DNA.

They are made to withstand a herbicide that is also a drug for people suffering from diabetes. Although they are not sprayed with the herbicide, what happens when a person eats it petals, only in the EU there is a warning not to eat it.

As other herbicides like Roundup are phased out it is likely they will use this one in GM crops. So it will no longer be a safe drug we think..


During the development of the GM carnations (Moonlite™) they tested with human embryo cell lines to see whether the flower was not toxic.

"(b) Additional in vitro studies

The applicant performed an Ames test and a cytotoxicity study on human embryonic intestinal cells in vitro with water extracts of leaves of carnation Moonlite 123.2.38 and control variety 123."

They also let mice drink of water with the extract of frozen petals in it and killed the mice afterwards. 

"A 14-day acute toxicity study was performed on four-week old mice fed with water extracts of frozen petals (2 g petals/kg body weight) from carnation Moonlite 123.2.38 and water extracts of the non-GM control variety 123, respectively."  See page 29.

Members of the EU parliament did not want an equal GM carnation to be placed on the EU market but it was okayed anyway.

Before harvest and sometimes after the harvest they can spray the GM carnations with  fungicides and probably azoles.

In general some azoles are also used as drugs against fungal infections in people.

Many fungi already can withstand those azoles, it is a big problem.

Ecuador is officially a GMO free country but still grows these GM carnations.

We also do not want to prolong the permits of the other GM carnations, because of the harm that can be done to the the effectiveness of the drugs mentioned above. And we do not want that plants or animals or other species are genetically engineered.

The application runs through the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Carnations are a symbol in many countries.

See how you also can have your say here.

There are enough beautiful natural carnations. Do not mess with Mother Nature!

Latest news: Testbiotech. When it comes to genetically engineered plants, the current standards of #GMO risk assessment are not sufficient to fulfil the #EU legal requirements.

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Signatures: 220Next Goal: 500
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