Require Great Britain to close the Integrity Initiative project

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In recent years, Great Britain has been purposefully and systematically creating a large-scale intelligence network in the EU with a view to influence its internal policies. Such international hacktivist group as 'Anonymous' has published a package of documents proving that the UK activities in the context of the Integrity Initiative project contain a secret component. Under the umbrella of counteracting Russian propaganda, Great Britain has developed a formidable instrument for pursuing its national interests and controlling policies of the EU member countries. Within the framework of the Integrity Initiative project, so-called 'clusters' were established in some European countries, as well as, in the USA and Canada, comprising prominent politicians, military officials, academics, journalists capable of exerting a crucial influence on public opinion and political decision-making process. London is covertly overseeing the network of such clusters through British embassies.

'Anonymous' has also published the data that contained information on actual cases of the UK interference in internal affairs of other countries through its established network. For instance, Moncloa operation is mentioned in the information leak. As part of the operation, British 'Information Special Service' has successfully sabotaged the appointment of Pedro Baños as Director of Spain's Department of Homeland Security. This egregious example of interference in Spain's internal policy shows the potential that this British invention has and how serious a threat it may pose to the sovereignty of European States and the EU integrity. Furthermore, the situation has deteriorated considerably as a result of oncoming Brexit. And it is absolutely unacceptable that a state, which is, in fact, a non-EU member, exerts such a powerful influence on European policies. The increasing interference of external forces in the EU internal political affairs undermines the very idea of European unity and runs counter to European values and public administration principles.

The European Council or other major EU bodies must demand explanations from Great Britain regarding the real purpose of the Integrity Initiative project and require a transfer of management of the project clusters' activities to Brussels. If this is not possible, it would be necessary to liquidate all clusters completely and to curb the UK treacherous interference in the EU States' policy.

We are asking authorized persons to take a very serious look at our requirements and to begin tackling the issue immediately. We also ask all other concerned people to help us in protecting the European unity and sovereignty by signing this petition.

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