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Save Stage Lighting Update

Dear all,  It's been an extremely busy year for everyone working on this campaign and your signing of this petition has amplified our cause in parliaments across Europe. Thank you all so much.  Although the fight is not yet over, the end (we hope) is in sight!  If you wish to know more about our current state of play, comprehensive updates can be found at  We would also like to draw your attention to a gofundme campaign which has been set up by the ALD. It aims to compensate those directly involved with SSL as well as to create a reserve to help educate and support others in the Eco-Design challenges of the future. If you are in a position to contribute to this, your support would be greatly appreciated and will go a long way in safeguarding the lighting industry of tomorrow.   Thank you all for your continued support. The #SaveStageLighting Team 

The Association of Lighting Designers
4 years ago