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According to several media sources, there may be a forthcoming effort to “remix” for release the works contained in Prince’s legendary vault. Since his untimely passing, the contents of this vault, along with his collection of writings and other artistic creations, have become the subject of much concern, particularly for his millions of fans around the world. 

Prince Rogers Nelson is arguably the most prolific and innovative artist of all time, a peerless virtuoso, and one of the most uniquely creative minds the world has ever known.  Music, like all art, is organic and wholly unique to the artist who creates it.  To alter or manipulate any of Prince's works is as unthinkable as allowing the completion of Leonardo da Vinci's The Adoration of the Magi or Bach's The Art of the Fugue. 

Prince, and Prince alone, would be the only artist with the ability or the right to make any changes to his works.  Any posthumous releases should only be exactly as he created them and without any modification, thereby ensuring for posterity an unadulterated view into the fascinating mind and creative process of this Great Master.  It is imperative that we preserve the purity of Prince's art in order to ensure the integrity of his artistic legacy. 

We, the intended market for the aforementioned art, hereby petition for the TOTAL PROTECTION of all original works of the Great Master, Prince Rogers Nelson, and hereby make the following demands: 

  • that all of Prince’s works be conserved without alteration;
  • that all of Prince’s musical art, if released, be free from manipulation or alteration;
  • that all of Prince's artistic creations be maintained in their original, unaltered form.   

We, the consumer class, in the furtherance of our cause and as evidence of our commitment to the FULL AND TOTAL PRESERVATION of Prince's original art, will exercise our collective rights, which include, but are not be limited to, the following punitive actions: 

  • public repudiation of all marketed productions which contain any form of alteration;
  • public denunciation and boycott of all marketed productions and associated  merchandise;
  • aggressive social media campaigns to discourage patronage of all associated venues. 

We eagerly and enthusiastically await the release of Prince's ORIGINAL, UNALTERED work, and stand at the ready to ensure that Prince's fans again make him one of the best-selling artists of all time.



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