Let's present a petition for banning foie gras imports into Japan.

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Let's present a petition to the Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi for banning foie gras imports into Japan as soon as possible and for banning foie gras imports into Japan by amending the law of Human Treatment and Management of Animals.

What will happen if everyone try to learn kindness hard? The answer of this question is that the society with people, animals, and plants could have the strength of kindness that isn't beaten by the other society without kindness, of free competition that begins war and animal and plant abuse. The strength of kindness isn't beaten by the the other society that begins these because people with animals and plants have kindness.

Therefore, the society can overcome these even if mankind begins these. Animals, plants, and we are sad because of these, in short kindness make an effort to save everyone. As a result, the society will try not to begin these hard.

Also, if we can take care of our kindness, our kindness becomes our strength because of a lot of good things which kindness has. In short, our kindness is the possiblity as humans because we are humans. I believe that the possiblity as humans isn't beaten by free competition and our kindness will overcome war and animal and plant abuse.

A little bit kindness effort will make our present society a completely different society, so that our society will become the society where many animals and plants will be saved. I think that it is wrong that kindness is not necessary because of free competition.

Therefore, could you dedicate your kindness to ducks and geese? Could you sign our petition to ban foie gras imports into Japan for the peace of animals, plants, and us?

The project to save ducks and geese from animal abuse.

Animal and Plant Protection Group Joinus in Japan