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Ban single-use plastic bags and bottles in Samoa

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Everyday we create more and more rubbish, from plastic to paper. Unfortunately plastic doesn't decompose, so we will never get rid of it. Being a small developing island nation in the middle of the South Pacific means that we don't have the correct resources and money to recycle plastic products; so they just build up. Unfortunately most of the plastic bags and bottles that we throw away end up in the Tafa'igata land fill, in our forests or in the ocean. It therefore has serious consequences on the environment and all creatures that live in it -including us!

We need to ban the 'single-use' bag and bottle to ensure the safety of our environment! If so many other Pacific Nations are doing it why can't we? Sign the petition and help evoke change!


Plastic bags will never go away. Every time we go to the shop, they give us more plastic poison. Sadly we only use it once or twice and then it goes into the rubbish; creating more waste. They may end up in the environment and may kill animals. We need to ban the plastic bag and use more alternative options:


·        Paper bags instead of plastic bags. Paper does decompose, and it is cheap & recyclable.

·        Use cloth bags/ reusable bags for shopping. It is stronger and more eco-friendly!

·        Re-use a cardboard box and put all your shopping in it instead. More space!


So what’s the deal? I thought that these bags were supposed to be an eco-friendly alternative? I thought it biodegrades? 

The ‘Bio-bag’ is said to biodegrade… STARTING ONLY AFTER 180 DAYS UNDER OXIDISED SOIL.

o    No one digs a hole and puts their bags under the soil. 

o    Bags end up in the Tafa’igata dump (where there is no oxygen), so therefore they will never biodegrade. This makes them as bad as a plastic bag.

o    If they do biodegrade, the ink on it will leach into the soil making the soil slightly acidic.

o    If they do biodegrade they break into small pieces that can be eaten by animals – killing them.


Plastic bottles are another big problem. Thousands are produced each day and then they are tossed in the rubbish; eventually ending up in the Tafa’igata dump. The bottles don’t even get recycled and it’s such a waste of plastic.

NOTE: We know that water-bottling companies provide many jobs for Samoan people and it also helps our economy. We want banning it to be a LAST RESORT. We instead, want to find a compromise.


·        Reuse ONE plastic bottle and refill it at home.

·        Invest in a durable and reusable bottle and refill it at home.


o    Make it a law for water-bottling companies to recycle plastic bottles.

o    Invest in water fountains around Samoa and in schools to minimize the need for plastic bottles

o    Invest in water bottle refilling stations around Samoa and in schools to promote reusing bottles.



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