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Redefine Valentine's Day by showing some love to the unfortunate and needy

Being a writer of stories on relationships, love and life, I have always wondered why we limit Valentine's Day only to our loved ones. If Valentine's Day is a day of love shouldn't we show some love to the unfortunate and needy - the one's who are truly in need of it?

As I was dwelling on this topic, I wrote a story 'The Love Letter' in my book 'State of the Heart' that speaks about love and its various dimensions and forms. The story found many takers. Hence, to take this point further I wish to give a part of the proceeds of my book to charity on Valentine's Day.

The charities I wish to donate to are Prayatna and Swagat Ashram, both located in Mumbai, India. These charities only serve as orphanages but also strive to bring quality education to the unfortunate so these children can stand on their own feet.   

To help me in this cause, you can purchase a copy at the links mentioned on The book is available in print and Kindle format. The book scores 4.05 rating on Goodreads.

Together let's redefine Valentine's Day and show the world we care. I'm sure it will bring a smile to our face and immense cheer to our hearts, not forgetting the joy it would bring to others.

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