Global Entertainment Ban on Russia.

Global Entertainment Ban on Russia.

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Started by Tore Paaspore

I tried to explain to my son that its Putin and not the Russian people, who's responsible for the war in Ukraine. He quickly replied and said. “Take away his games” He’s right. That’s exactly what we can do. We can try to suspend Russian access on all possible entertainment platforms. Music, Video and Gaming.

Leaders all over the world say we must try all available, non military options to stop the war. But there are no indications that Putin will bend to sanctions, no matter how hard they are. What Putin and his criminal vassal’s fear the most, is Democracy and judgement in their lifetime.

Ukraine has drafted every Boy and Man, aged 16 – 60 plus its army reserves and veterans. A week ago, these kids played “World of Tanks” now they are out on the street, with their father and grandfather, facing real tanks and rocket propelled artillery with two magazines and a Molotov cocktail. Putin has made it clear that Nuclear weapons can be used on any country that interferes. Can the world stand down, and watch the massacre?  Will the Russian people let it happen? 

Our goal is to raise awareness and prevent the Russian middleclass from sticking their heads in the sand. Ukraine’s cry for help must be echoed by the Russian people SCREAMS to STOP THE WAR. My kids understand why they are not allowed to play games or watch cartoons. Will Russian gamers and other content users accept Kremlins explanation or see thru the censorship and propaganda?   

We must not underestimate the grave and imminent danger. 
We are on the brink of a World War and if it happens. 
It’s because we all “Amused ourselves to Death”

Please support this petition by sharing it with as many as possible. We must urgently ask everyone in the entertainment industry to Stop digital streaming, Stop updates, new releases, shut down servers, block IP’s. There are hundreds if not thousands of small and big content providers. Who will be first? Netflix? Disney? Amazon?  Sony? Microsoft? Steam?  Apple?  With enough pressure it can be all of them. But even just a few will have an impact. Ukraine is counting on us and every minute counts.

Demand a ban on Russian players and content users today. 
They will be furious and that’s exactly what we want. 

A sanction against ignorance.   


657 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!