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Turn the government into a corporate government

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'Your Corperation' Wouldn't have any Educational or Economic control over England but it will decide what goes where or wich country to be allies with and viceversa. The corporation that I think would be great for England will not fully launch until 2023 but If the petition is made now, it wouldn't have to be made later. The corporation would disconnect from Europe meaning that England can export more goods such as iPhones, regular phones and what ever else would be in demand at the time. The corporation would also deal with alternative energy and convert 1 in 10 unused fields into wind farms and Solar farms. I believe this could work and put England back as the world's biggest super power. The incorporated country would also go up as the most nuclear weapons and the tallest buildings in the world by 2030. Due to the growing population i in 20 pregnant mothers would have a mandeory abortion to lower the demand for the shrinking resorces and means less housing. People may see the mandetory abortion as an infringement of a woman's rights but it is better than concerntration camps. A wise man once said "Sometimes the people who protect the rainforest are the ones who chop down the trees to prevent forest fires" which is basicly saying sometimes you will have to make sacrefices to keep things from getting out of hand.

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