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Ellen G. White is respected by millions of people around the world as gifted by God with messages for the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the world in the last days. A large portion of her writings are still unreleased, almost a century after her death. The beneficiaries of her will are the people who she intended to be blessed by her writings. Copyright has expired in the unpublished manuscripts and letters (see The trustees admitted that the time had come to release the writings as early as 1998. The ability to digitally release them was reached in 2002. These factors show it is long past time for the people of the Seventh-day Adventist community to have access to these writings for research and instructional purposes.

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The Ellen G. White Estate, Incorporated. Jim Nix
The Ellen G. White Estate, Incorporated. Tim Poirier
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Ellen G. White Estate, Incorporated..

Release the Unpublished Writings of Ellen G. White Immediately

When Ellen G. White died in 1915, she left, in trust, tens of thousand of pages of letters, manuscripts, letters, diaries and sermon files. The intended beneficiaries were all who hold her writings as instructional within Seventh-day Adventism. From the beginning of the trust, the leadership of the SDA Church has interfered with the work of the trustees and hindered the release of many of the unpublished manuscripts.

A century later, more than 50% of these writings are partially or totally unavailable except for viewing by those who are lucky enough to live near Research Centers. Current plans to release these in annotated print volumes will foreseeably take decades for complete release. It has already taken 10 years for the White Estate to prepare just 13 years out of Ellen White's 70-year literary career for publication.

Seventh-day Adventists have an immediate right to full access to these materials for research and edification. Copyright in the original documents expired in 2003. The trustees had decided from the late 1990's to release all the unpublished works on CD-Rom. The digital version of these works were completed in 2002. These writings are even now secretly hosted on the same public website which allows searching of the published writings, but hidden behind password access available to only a handful of employees.

We are petitioning for the White Estate to honor their trust to those who are interested in Ellen White studies and release these writings commercially and open the online access for reading and searching by changing the permissions on their website.


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