Modify elevators to accommodate for Pete's massive body size

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Hello everyone.

Yesterday, an Irish smasher by the name of Pete was unable to attend a tournament. While this is a very sad occasion, it was made even worse by his reason for not attending. Why was this? Here's a tweet he posted.

He was stuck in an elevator.

This is ridiculous. How come these elevator designers don't make their elevators fit tall men like Pete? It's hardly his fault he is naturally tall, and he shouldn't have to stop working out vigorously just so he can fit through the doors of an elevator. This is disgusting. This is discrimination. We need change. 


Please, help us change elevators around the country so Pete can attend Smash events. Pete's muscles are big, but his heart is bigger. He would really appreciate if you helped out, he just wants to attend.

Pete is great, bitch.


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