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Petitioning The elected officials of Brown County, Wisconsin

Work with H.O.P.E. Initiative to support and participate in the creation of a 10 year plan that will reduce or end homelessness in this area


In Green Bay, Wisconsin and throughout Brown county the number of homeless individuals is dramatically rising each year. Just in July, 2013 there were over 400 people counted to be homeless. (mind you these were only the ones that could be found to be counted). Over 70 families were found homeless, which included 150 children, with no home to go to. Some are in shelters. Some live in their cars. Some are on the street living in tents and sleeping bags under bridges. Some have employment but do not make enough wages to sustain suitable housing for their families. This is where H.O.P.E. Initiative comes in. H.O.P.E. stands for Homelessness Obligates Planning Efforts. It was put together to address homelessness, educate the community and examine the root causes of poverty in this area. There are over 120 cities that has successfully implemented a plan to end homelessness in their communities so we are petitioning the elected officials of Brown County Wisconsin to really support H.O.P.E. in creating and implementing a 10 year plan for our community. Everyone deserves a home!

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  • The elected officials of Brown County, Wisconsin

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