Amar Alkadhi to be removed as Owner/ Majority shareholder of Macclesfield Town F.C.

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We ask that you share and sign our petition for the sake of our struggling club, as it hits home knowing it could be lost. Thank you <3

It must be stated that all information included in this petition is from our research online and may not all be factually correct or up to date. This petition may not be great, but neither is our club.
We make this petition as a last resort. As loyal supporters, we wish to be listened to, for our players and staff to be respected and just want our club back.
Silkmen till I die. 

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Amar Alkadhi is currently majority shareholder, Chairman and Director of Macclesfield Town football club. A club which was loved by its fans and the local community, though is now facing fan boycotts and huge financial issues due to being in the hands of an incapable, careless owner. As many of you will know, Bury Football Club was recently removed from the football league by the EFL due to financial difficulties placed on them by a similar, incapable and careless owner. A financial takeover did not take place within set deadlines, leaving the EFL with no other option. I am sure it is in the EFL’s best interest to help keep M.T.F.C in the league, to prevent a backlash, similar to when Bury F.C. were removed from the league. Bolton Wanderers F.C. were in a similar position, though a successful takeover meant they could keep their place in the league.

Macclesfield Town is still facing a “Winding-Up petition”, which began when players went unpaid during the 2018/19 season and still continues to this day due to HMRC joining the case. It is clear to see that something is wrong with the ownership of our club, as this has gone on for several months to this day. Each and every appearance M.T.F.C. make in court, a new excuse is used as to why fines and wages have not been paid, leading to the case being adjourned, and causing further financial issues for our club. We as fans fear that a club loved by its fans, though left to be destroyed by those in charge, may be taken away from us in the coming weeks if these issues are not resolved. Macclesfield Town F.C. would be able to stay afloat if in the hands of shareholders which care about the club. Although the club is making enough money to function efficiently; through sponsorship deals, grants and matchday income, Alkadhi is taking all profit for himself and letting the club’s reputation and financial side pay the price. It is suspected that Alkadhi uses funds raised from M.T.F.C. to fund the payment of a debt from another one of his failing businesses. Although the club is there for an owner to profit from, Macclesfield Town's welfare is not in Alkahdi's best interest hence should be moved on.

Taking a look at Amar Alkadhi's history as Director of Businesses, it's no surprise Macclesfield Town are struggling financially.

Taken from information available in the Public Domain, of the 9 businesses Alkadhi has been the director of, 5 have dissolved, leaving only 4 active to this day, though he has resigned from 2 of those, the reason we can only take a guess!

Macclesfield Town being one of the businesses he remains in control of, the other, Ramy Limited. It is believed that Ramy Limited ''Owns Macclesfield Town'', meaning it is the company that ''looks after'' Macclesfield Town's profits, which are all nowhere to be seen.

Under appropriate ownership, Macclesfield Town's debts would be paid and financial issues resolved before money being pumped out of the club towards other companies. We would love for the club to be integrated back into the local community, seeing it being promoted throughout the town centre, and having an owner than works closely with the local council. Local councillors are interested in helping this happen! It is clear to see that Amar Alkadhi is incapable of fairly controlling the financial side of the club, hence M.T.F.C. facing monthly court appearances, players and staff going unpaid, as well as our home ground being left to deteriorate, with no planned improvements. We here ask, for the sake of our club, as well as the livelihood of our players and their families, for Amar Alkadhi to allow the club to be taken by new ownership, with the EFL’s assistance, to ensure our beloved club is not taken away from us. As solely a fan of Macclesfield, I have no legal knowledge but am aware this is not as simple as it sounds, though an investigation into the ownership of Macclesfield Town Football Club Limited should be imminent, allowing us to reach an appropriate solution to our troubles. If Amar Alkadhi or anybody associated with Macclesfield Town F.C. come across this petition, we plead that you do not allow our club to be taken from us, we all wish for the best conclusion.

Enough is Enough

Against all odds

Silkmen till’ we die


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