The East Side Synagogue Should Apologize to the family of Yankel Rosenbaum HYD

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Aviva Fort
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Al Sharpton's hateful rhetoric against ALL Jews may have caused an attack in a Harlem store which caused 8 people to be slaughtered. The death count includes the murderer, who months before was part of Al Sharpton's racist picket lines against Jewish store owners - "white interlopers" - according to Sharpton.

Al Sharpton's racist incitement undoubtedly caused pogroms in Crown Heights which led to a young Jew named Yankel Rosenbaum being dragged out of his car and murdered, if not to the deaths of more Jews.  Read more here:

And on September 5th, after the riot was over, Italian-American Anthony Graziosi, was dragged out of his car, brutally beaten and stabbed to death because his full beard and dark clothing caused him to be mistaken for a Hasidic Jew.  All thanks to Al Sharpton and his frenzied chants of "Kill the Jews."

How dare you invite this evil man to your synagogue, give him a podium and even grant him a ritual object as a gift?

Sharpton is against ALL Jews, not just the ones who don't look modern enough for you.

You disgrace the memory of Yankel Rosenbaum and the pride of every Jew who has any by accepting this devious con man and anti-Semite into the same space as a Sefer Torah.

You have no shame. 

You should beg forgiveness from Yankel Rosenbaum's family and from those Jewish people aghast at the fact that pretenders calling themselves Jews with no ken of the word would bring the murderer of one of their own into their midst and accord him all honors.

Until then, no Jew with any conscience should give you any money, participate in any of your activities, or walk through your accursed doors.

We the undersigned call for Rabbis (hahahahah) Berkowitz to publicly apologize to the Rosenbaum family and to the Jewish people who actually think like Jews - meaning they would never honor someone who murdered one of their own for political gain or for whatever self-interests you stroked with this hellish and hurtful decision.

We also call for an international boycott of the East Side "Synagogue" until this is achieved.