Please Help Save the Veteran Memorial Bench. The ARC Committee is making REMOVE It!

Please Help Save the Veteran Memorial Bench. The ARC Committee is making REMOVE It!

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Allison Dick started this petition to The East Hampton Community and Board Members

Dear Kind Neighbors of the East Hampton Community, Board Members and Neighboring Community’s, 

My father passed away this year after a 30 year battle with Parkinson’s Disease. He honorably served his country in the Air Force during the Vietnam Era. He fought to the very end to survive Parkinson’s disease and is a prime example of strength and perseverance. 

We built a beautiful memorial bench in his honor next to a very lovely garden that so many neighbors love and appreciate. It was also for all of the other fallen Veterans we lost this year in Afghanistan. We’ve had many neighbors and strangers alike, whom I’ve never met stop and say how much they love the bench and how much joy it brings to them. They know they are all welcome to sit on the bench and enjoy the view of the garden, birds, pond and numerous majestical wildlife.  My Dad loved bird watching. The bench promoted a great sense of community for so many people. (More so then we could have ever imagined.)

I was told by the ARC committee and the HOA President of the Board After I built the bench that I needed to REMOVE it then resubmit for the ARC approval to have a memorial bench for my father. Could you imagine having to be told what type of memorial bench you can have for your deceased father by complete strangers? Or being told to REMOVE it? 

This rule of needing a approval for a yard bench was unbeknownst to me and many homeowners who have lived here since the inception of this community 22 years ago. The homeowner rules are being misinterpreted without merit to fit the (ARC Members whom voted against it) own personal opinion of when something looks “aesthetically pleasing”.

There is no where in the rules of the covenant that they are referencing for my bench violation that even actually states the word, “bench.” The wording of the rule covenant is ambiguous and the ARC committee members who voted against (after knowing this was a memorial bench for my deceased veteran father) it are making decisions based on their personal opinions that rest of the entire community DO NOT support and find it very trepidatious to say the least. 

We submitted the paperwork while my husband was overseas (he has lost a lot of sleep being up in the middle of the night as it’s 7 hours ahead in time dealing with the ARC paperwork.) and they DENIED our bench approval and told us we had to REMOVE it and put it out of site in our fenced back yard and that the COLOR didn’t meet with “aesthetics of the community”, who are the 2 ARC members that voted against it to say what is “aesthetically pleasing?” I’ve also seen some unsightly colors painted on homes. If I DO NOT remove it within the time frame they have arbitrarily (which doesn’t even allow me the 30 days by law to remove it)  set I will be fined a $100 dollars a day, up to $1,000 dollars and or a lien on my house if I refuse to pay the fine. I’m not physically able to move it because I have injury’s that would not allow for the removal of a concrete bench until my husband returns.  

Additionally, numerous residents have complained to me about the benches that have been placed (even though they are new) at the pond and how uncomfortable they are. You could tip them over rather easily because the bench only accommodates for one person. The initial benches we had there in previous years fit multiple people  and had backs to them. This was another reason why we built our bench. 

What’s even sadder is the ARC committee knows my husband (whom is a decorated United States Marine Disabled Combat Veteran) whom is currently overseas serving our great nation wants him to attend the HOA meeting (set for November 11th, 2021 at the East Hampton Clubhouse, Hampton Landing Drive, Jacksonville, FL) even though the ARC committee knows he is out of the country.  Thankfully we have a very kind, loving and supportive Property Manager (PM) whom has been so helpful and understanding while navigating through this process. I want to be clear that this petition is in NO way a reflection of the PM and the rest of the kind members of the board whom are against the removal of the bench.
We have very beautiful people in our neighborhood and it’s a awesome place to live and I hope all of their love, support and signatures will help overturn this decision and allow the bench to STAY without further appeal. Its already caused a lot of heartache in our household. It’s essential that there be a precedent set so community’s no longer are forced to comply with unfair rules. Let them not forgot it’s the veterans who laid down their lives for this great nation so we have our freedoms that are so beloved to us all. That’s a cause I will always stand up for. 


       Allison Dick

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!