Demanding Immediate Climate Change Action From Governments & Corporations Worldwide!

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We have 11 years to take immediate and dramatic action against climate change. The IPCC report warns that if the average global temperature increase exceeds 1.5 degrees Celsius there will be a "global climate catastrophe". 

Our generation will have to face the effects of climate change. Famine, droughts, climate zones shifts, 765 000 000 climate refugees, that is our future. We need immediate climate action to ensure that we have a planet that can sustain life. We are the last set of people who can make a difference. We’re at a turning point, this can either be the generation that saved the world, or the generation that stood by and watched the extinction of all life on Earth. We have all the technology, and science, now what we need is action.

This is the fault of multi-billion dollar corporations that could effortlessly implement green policies but choose against doing so to turn a profit.

Only 100 corporations account for 71% of human-caused climate change. A few hundred individuals are responsible for driving our planet of 7.5 billion to destruction. We have the ability to prevent the irrevocable impacts of climate change. The only reason why climate change persists is because it is not profitable to invest in the sustainability of Earth. That is not acceptable.

We demand better.

We have 11 years to prevent global temperature from rising above 1.5 degrees Celsius to prevent a global climate catastrophe. This is not enough time at the rate we are going. We must push for immediate and dramatic action.

The government and these companies exploit our planet for profit, but it is our compliance that gives them this power. Through united action and solidarity, we can disrupt these systems and work together to solidify the future of our beautiful planet.

We must not be compliant in our own extinction. 

The Earth Strike Movement intends to give the governments and corporations of the world a BIG wake-up call on September 27th. That day marks the beginning of the global general strike to save the planet.

As the Markham branch of this movement we will be organizing a local school strike/protest at the Markham Civic center on Friday April 26th. Please sign this petition if you will be attending. The signatures we get will be used to show the school board that we as students are serious about taking action. The goal with this strike is to convince the school board to shut down for the general strike on September 27th. As students we are the future. Show those in charge that we will not be taken advantage of. This is our planet and our future, and we will protect it with everything we have. If we work together we can and will change things. This is not the end of our species. 

Please sign our petition to support the movement!