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Public apology and refund of $400 fee for fraudulence - me and the # of 40 other healthy Living coaches who want a refund with no answers

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Liana Werner-Gray

Earth Diet with no real address

Living free rent in someone’s home

New York NY

Dear Madam,

In July 2014 I paid $400 upon your invitation to join the Earth Diet Healthy Living coaches. I attach a copy of my pay pal details and the contract agreement. I am writing to you because your service and agreements to me, indeed most of the coaches, was not carried out with the necessary skill, in a timely manner, with due care and diligence and finally with your slanderous posts breaking my anonymity, casting aspersions and allegations about me and lying to all the other coaches about what we discussed.

Firstly, you told me I would be one of 20 and the only ‘mature aged coach in the world. This was to help more “Baby Boomer aged clients who didn’t want to be told what to eat by some 20+ year old.” The first broken promise was there became twice as many coaches. The second was that many of them are even older than I and then you changed your promise/statement and said “Oh, you are still now the oldest coach in Australia.” Thirdly you never got our profiles up on your website in time for your book launch and no one could even hire us! In point of fact, I kept asking for transparency and if our fees were funding your around-the-world-book-tour.

I wrote to you in August about my questions and concerns which you never got back to including several other calls and emails to both you and Chizelle, your manager. I do have all records of all correspondence. Not only was there no outcome and answer to my cogent, clarifying questions, Chizelle merely wrote back saying it sounds like you don’t want to work with us anymore.

And then you both had the bad form to cancel my involvement on the coach’s page without discussing or informing me. More recently you sent the absurd termination letter when I never even had any clients and which I responded back line by line and of course once again no word from you or your team since. Finally I received a copy of your slanderous post against me when I was merely asking for transparency, fee breakdown and clarification.

At this point, I would like I public apology along with my refund of $400.00. Alternatively I will be forced to take this matter further and globally.

Under the ‘Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, 1980’ if a consumer has a contract with a service supplier the consumer can expect that:

The supplier has the necessary skill to provide the service
The service will be provided with proper care and diligence
The materials used will be sound and that goods supplied with the service will be of merchantable quality  

Under consumer law my contract is with the supplier of the service and as such I am writing to you to seek my full refund and apology for your defamation of my character and breaking my anonymity.

I specifically said I would NOT take $ for coaching others in any addiction. I freely give back what was so graciously given to me and I would sponsor for free and suggest anyone go to an AA or any 12-step meeting needed. One of our traditions is not to treat AA as a business.

I would appreciate your response within 10 working days.


 This can make a difference to others who may get taken in by internet scammers. No one likes to be ripped off with not only $ but promises, unfullfilled agreements, unanswered questions and a battery of bullets across the internet pages.

"I have learned alot more about L from speaking with others in the States...scammer is the bottom line....FYI" 

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