Make the United States switch to the Metric System

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The Imperial system is... well... um...



Look, I'm gonna be completely blunt here. The Imperial system does not make any sense what so ever. I mean, come on, why is there 3 feet to a yard but 1760 yards to a mile in the Imperial system whereas in the Metric system, everything's the same number like how there is 1000 millimetres to a metres and 1000 metres to a kilometre. And what about temperature? Why is 32 degrees Fahrenheit the freezing point of water compared to 0 degrees Celcius? Oh, and don't get me started on the day-month-year format. Why is it month before day before year in the Imperial system but it's day before month before year in the Metric system?


Now you are probably wondering how this applies to you as an Australian? Don't worry, it doesn't. That was just for the Americans to read. Sorry if you wasted your time reading it. I hope it was insightful. Now on to you...

Aren't you sick of having American units in textbooks (including electronic copies) and other things we read and hear? If America joined the rest of the world we wouldn't have this problem. This is for the future (AKA, my convenience), and the future starts with you! So come on, everybody. Sign this petition so we put an end to this confusion once and for all.


P.S. It doesn't matter if you sign it or not, we both know it's not gonna change anything. Still, just sign it anyway so you can feel more helpful today.