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Gain Freedom and Independence for Kashmir

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The people of Azad Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir, Aksai Chin and Trans-Karakoram Tract need to gain an identity of their own, a place to call home, and most importantly to gain the Freedom from genocides and other attacks of terror that they receive. The people of Kashmir deserve a better and SAFE life style not only for themselves, but to better the future that they hold. The Conflict with Kashmir has been one of the oldest unresolved disputes in the world. The people of Kashmir deserve an identity, and deserve to cherish the values, and cultural beliefs that are among the Kashmiri people, that are slowly being lost. The Kashmiri people have suffered for a long time, and have been innocently killed for being in between the wars India, Pakistan and China have had. We the people of Kashmir are not ordinary people. We too have a voice that can be heard from miles, but it just seems no one’s brave enough to step in and help us. No one can HELP the Kashmiris gain a good Education, good Healthcare, good Jobs, good Everything etc...BUT if everybody joins hands in this cause they will Help THE KASHMIRI People Gain Freedom and Be able to have Everything and more. We need a safe place for our children, adults, and elders to grow. We need our education that most Kashmiris don’t even receive because there are no schools in their area or teachers to be found, and Healthcare let’s not even go down that road. By Helping Spread Awareness about the issues on Our occupied home Kashmir we all can shed a small spark, which in turn could become a light for all of us. Please put fourth your opinions and why We deserve freedom, and the benefits we as Kashmiris will have. Every Signature is one step further to freedom. Everyone deserves to have a voice, and it is everyone’s right to have Freedom and we want the right that’s been taken from us many years ago back. Remember Every Voice(signature) counts.

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