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The Division of Household Labor

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Women before us prevailed with regards to getting a few ladies out of the kitchen and into the work environment, however eight out of ten ladies still say they accomplish more housework than their male partners. What we're saying when we discuss housework are settled in thoughts that housework and childcare are ladies' work and, in light of the fact that ladies are paid not as much as men, will probably surrender some aspect of their career to handle these. There are obvious solutions, such as improved provisions for paternity leave, subsidized childcare, and equal pay.

We are born into a society wherein very early on, little girls are given dolls and miniature kitchen sets and in which it seems shameful for boys to like the same toys. Also, as children we see our mothers in charge of household management while our fathers only help out. And in which our culture and the media usually portray women as mothers and wives while men are heroes doing fun adventures outside home. We are in no way putting down all the mothers and wives here but we want to send a message that they too can be heroes just like any man.

In terms of the Philippine society, for a time it was a norm that women should not work since men are expected to be the breadwinner for the family and women’s sole job was to cater the needs of their home and children. After some time, this notion was removed and women now are able to do jobs just as men do. Yes, we have improved a lot but that doesn’t mean we should stop here and be contented with what’s on our plate. Women, mothers and wives, deserve to have the same opportunities that men has and so they deserve equal pay. In doing so, this removes the thought that ladies would be financially dependent to their partners and now can have equal share load and voice in their homes.

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