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The District On Apache: Provide residents with easily accessible recycling within the apartment complex

The District on Apache currently does NOT have any recycling programs in place for residents to dispose of their recyclable material, i.e. cans, glass, paper, plastics etc. even though it is listed under Green-Living on the official website ( Recycling is a small simple action and has a lot of benefits that can help us help the environment.

By recycling Paper, Cans, Glass and Plastics we can help reduce the number of trees that are cut down, save energy as well as cut down on our green house gas emissions, just to name a few benefits. Our future is our top priority, which is why we are all enrolled here at ASU as students, to ensure a better future for ourselves.

Our student housing facility should have channels for us to recycle our products. We have our whole lives ahead of us, and should be able to look forward to living that life on a clean healthy planet. By not providing recycling, The District on Apache is hindering that possibility.

Please sign to show your support of having The District on Apache employ recycling at our apartment complex. 

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