Accessible swimming for Hudson's Hope residents

Accessible swimming for Hudson's Hope residents

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Justin Gammie started this petition to The District of Hudson's Hope

August 02, 2020
Hudson's Hope District Council
District of Hudson's Hope Municipal Office
9904 Dudley Drive
Hudson's Hope, B.C., V0C1V0

Re: Local Residents Access to Hudson's Hope Swimming Pool

Dear Mayor Heiberg, Chairpersons and Council Members:

Thank you for re-opening the Hudson's Hope Swimming Pool in the face of new challenges presented by Covid-19. This pool has always been a busy place during the summer.

Now, more than ever, Hudson's Hope residents and their children are confronted with incredible difficulty using our facility. We are made to wait upwards of 30 minutes outside with our children for the potential to swim. If we have already used the swimming pool, even for a portion of swimming time, during the day, we are made to leave if new faces are in line to swim, despite their spot in line. This invalidates the "day pass" and also the fundamental rules of a "First Come-First Serve" line up.

My understanding is that Hudson's Hope local resident's property taxes are funding the local Swimming Pool. Numerous Hudson's Hope residents have voiced their negative sentiment on this subject, both on social media and during local gatherings.
It seems very unfair that the people who foot the bill for the pool, are so often the ones unable to use it. Many locals have given up on swimming at the pool and lately it is not unlikely to be the only local in the pool. Standing outside for 45 minutes near the front of the line just to be turned away is frustrating, as well as disheartening for the children involved.

While I understand that revenue from non-local swimmers is a great thing, and maybe necessary for the ongoing budget of the local pool, there needs to be a solution for the locals as well.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Specific swimming times dedicated to locals only (this wouldn't be a difficult thing to accomplish)
  2. Charging a premium for non-resident swimmers, such as in Trail where non-locals pay double (could be done in conjunction with the previous idea)
  3. A reservation system in order to guarantee persons, especially locals, a swim time

Thank you for your consideration,
Kind Regards,
A Hudson's Hope Resident

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