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Add new moves for the Disney Infinity 1.0 characters please!

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The 1.0 characters don't deserve a punishment for being old, they should get upgraded! Those are some really amazing characters that need to have their true abilities. With flying and wall climbing added, plus the improved combat system, the 1.0 characters could take a huge benefit from getting an upgrade. Plus, what if your favorite character is Buzz, and you want to play as him in a cool toy box you found. But he doesn't stand a chance because he has a shoulder charge and a tiny pixar ball! These children won't want to play as Buzz, Woody, or Jessie because they are such similar characters! And they just feel uninspired. They don't even need to be stronger! It's just that their attacks aren't creative or fit the character in the slightest! But, anyways, these are my reasons for starting this petition, there are countless reasons that this should happen, and no reason that it hasn't. 

Please join the discussion topic about upgrades to Disney Infinity 1.0 characters on at the Disney Infinity Fans discussion.


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