Refund The Initially Paid Amount

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With the growth in real estate business, a lot of Developers/ Builders came into this field.As there is no direct law to govern these builders, there has been a rise in cases of cheating, fraud and extraction of money by making false promises. A lot of people have been duped of their money by these Builders especially in the western U. P. And NCR Region. One of such Builders is Shubhkamna Buildetech Pvt Ltd. (Shubhkamna Advert) and its Sister concern Kindle Developers Pvt. Ltd. . I had made the booking of a flat with Kindle Developers Pvt Ltd under a project in Noida, Sector 79. We paid the initial 20% on the basis of information given and promises made by the Company's agent who used to sit at the site during those days.The initial 20% was paid in July'14.On receiving the Builder Buyer Agreement in July end, we realised that we have been cheated as a number of terms and conditions mentioned in BBA were contradictory to the information given to us by the Company agent initially.After several unsuccessful discussions with the Company's authorities we finally had to ask for a refund on 23rd August'14 . The reasons for the refund request were stated in the letter given to the Company itself: differences in the Builder Buyer Agreement (BBA) and the previously agreed buying conditions.All the originals including the payment receipts, Builder Buyer Agreement and other forms were submitted to the Company on the 3rd September 2014. As of today, half of 2015 has passed,it has been almost a year since the refund request was made and I am yet to receive the amount paid to the Builder. This is the hard earned money which my father and me had saved over the years with a hope that we would soon have a home of our own. This is after in-numerous follow ups with the Company's executives, Customer care representatives by visiting the office premises and over the phone. I posted couple of letters(in Nov and in Jan) and email(5th March'15) as well asking the Company to kindly refund back the amount paid. Even after do many requests it seemed that our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. This is when we were informed that the process of refund would be initiated within 3 months of the date of request made. We have been in absolute agony due to this torturous conduct by the Company. We have invested a lot of time just to get our own money. Each time we visited the Company premises or called up the company representatives we were given false hopes and some future dates when we would get the refund only to find out later that it was a total lie. It has been a nightmarish experience for us till date. Having endured these many hardships has made it difficult for us to believe in the words of the Company representatives. I urge the Director of Shubhkamna Buildtech Pvt Ltd/ Kindle Developers Pvt Ltd to refund the amount paid by us. I ask all the Netizens to help me take this plea to him and spread it as much as possible. This will spread awareness about the malpractices of the Developers/ Builders.