The Ambo Attack decision can and must be appealed.

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The decision of County Court Judge Barbara Cotterell not to impose a custodial sentence in the case of ambulance assailants Caris Underwood and Amanda Warren on the premise that special reasons or circumstances exist is wrong at law.

It is not “special” to be a parent.

It is not “special” to have a disadvantaged upbringing.

It is not “special” to have mental health issues.

it is not “ special” to commit an act of violence whilst alcohol affected.

Etc, etc....

The OPP can appeal this decision on its own initiative.

The Attorney General can direct the OPP to appeal.

You, as a member of the community, have had your right to potentially life saving treatment by Emergency Service workers eroded by this decision.

It is the right of these workers to have every lawful protection to prevent them being assaulted and thwarted in their duties.

It is your right as a citizen to receive treatment without fear that such treatment will be rendered impossible or impinged by the violent acts of third parties.

The definition of “special reasons or circumstances” must be argued in the Court of Appeal in Victoria’s Supreme Court, which could overturn and make binding on lower courts that interpretation of these words.