COVID-19 suspects found near SRMIST. Make college attendance voluntary/online.

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The novel coronavirus has been identified as a deadly strain that is highly contagious. Multiple counties, rich or not, have failed to contain the virus. As we see, cases in India are increasing day by day. And now, there are suspects all around our esteemed college.

We, the students at SRMIST have been concerned about the apathy from policymakers who underestimate the fat-tailed risk and effect size which is unprecedented. And colleges are the modern Petri dishes for the virus. One of the main reasons for our anxiety is that we're not seeing any concerns/actions being taken by the Director and authorities of our college. While many other colleges and universities in our country are taking this pandemic so seriously that they've made courses and attendance online/voluntary. We think that this is the safest thing to do in this dark situation. So, we request all our fellow students and authorities of our college to take up the following precautions:

1) Reiterate personal sanitary precautions.
2) Set up basic contact tracing framework measures.
3) Remove all punishments for not attending lectures.
4) Take clear isolation directions should someone suspect they are infected.
5) Make the contingency plans available to students and parents.

We request you all to sign this petition. It is the need of the hour. 

"It will cost us a little in the short term, but if we fail to do so, eventually everything will be at cost - if not from this event, then one in the future."