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IITD closes down its IDD Center amid Nation in crying need for Industry-oriented Education

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Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) which is known to impart industry-oriented education in the country when the nation is falling short of  meeting its demands of providing quality education. Unfortunately, IIT Delhi is closing its one such center called Instrument Design Development Center (IDDC) and its Master's Degree program MTech in Instrument Technology.  

Being interdisciplinary by definition, this MTech program focuses upon and integrates majorly 3 core engineering fields – Optics, Electronics and Mechanical.  Setup in 1970, IDDC was formed with a vision to cater the needs of the upcoming industries and the R&D in advanced scientific instruments. Today, it has to bear the unprecedented rigor by the administration of the IIT Delhi to close this center down. The reason stated by the Director to one of the alumnus was that the center is surviving on Emeritus faculties and until recruitment  it would stand temporarily suspended. The snippet of the email from the director is figure at the top.

On one hand, with what the Director states, it is understood that the IDDC faces a shortage of faculties which is there since 2012 and the recruitment are pending since then. But interestingly, the Director who has the prerogative, by policy, to conduct recruitment for the departments/centers does not look interested at all to conduct faculty recruitment in the areas of Optical InstrumentationElectronic Instrumentation and Mechanical Instrumentation. There is no mention of these courses in the advert. This is highlighted in one of the advertisements related to faculty recruitment by the IIT Delhi in the link given below

Advertisement :

More it  goes deeper the more it sounds murkier. The IIT Delhi Alumni who passed out of IDDC, majority of them have formed a consensus that they understand there can be shortcomings in the working of this center which they are willing to fulfill. But, alumni don't align with the thought of suspending or shutting down of the center at all. They are of the opinion that such action by the administration of IIT Delhi would make them suffer not only in their professional endeavors but also they are hurt personally with such news surfacing as it is the place where they learned and evolved into successful professionals. It largely impacts the current batch students who will face troubles regarding the working of laboratories as the staff members would now be looking for other options out of IIT Delhi. Further, it makes the student feel skeptical about their future in IIT Delhi with such actions. These students would ultimately affect the mindsets of upcoming students with negative sentiments around IIT Delhi perpetually denigrating the status of all prestigious institutions in India.

 A review was conducted by expert Committee comprising of professors from other IITs , IIITs and IISc Bangalore to review IDDC in the year 2014. Some of the findings of this expert committee were:

  1. IDDC is engaged in applied research in electronic instrumentation, mechanical instrumentation, industrial design and optical instrumentation
  2. Sponsored Research Funding is Very impressive and impressive research work is being carried out
  3. Technology development is main focus of the Center.
  4. Although IDDC is rendering its services in innovative design to industry, there is tremendous shortage of Faculty and there is need more space and resources 
  5. There is a tremendous need for new Faculty recruitment.  

Link of Committee review Document

Despite of all this unveiling, the alumni have come together to request the Director, IIT Delhi to reconsider his decision of shutting the IDDC down. When India eyes towards becoming a Technology Superpower in coming decade, the govt's efforts like MAKE IN INDIASTARTUP INDIASMART CITIES PROJECT get severely compromised with such action.

With all your support to this petition, We ensure that the Director IIT Delhi is listening to our concern.

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