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Fund service dogs for those suffering PTSD

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The VA will support the injuries that one receives during high phycological field combat however they will not place funding in to the use of animals that help emotionally battle scared freedom fighters that are suffering from the most acute forms of psychological trauma, anxiety disorder, or as we better know posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Why?, well they claim there is no evidence to substantiate that these amazing animals can help alleviative phycological and cognetive behaviour caused by post war stress. I myself have seen what these animals are physically capable of, both with psychological and physical issues that can leave a victim in an emotionally and mentally unbalanced state of depression, sadness, "sui caedere" financial difficulties or troubles with interpersonal relationships that can leave the "victim" feeling an outcast from the society that he or she once protected for our freedom of speech, justice and protection. Just because one can not see a mental illness, it does not under no circumstances mean that it is not there "nor" can it be cured using an array of "alternative non medicine alleviations" that can amazingly higher ones self esteem, lower ones depression, and ensure their way of life is brought back to when it was "before" they went to battle. The International Animal Rescue Foundation funds this treatment to a degree through personal donations, however I as the founder and cheif officer find it very upsetting that we are once again along with others after research has proved are hitting brick walls in to helping these amazing freedom fighters that fought for our rights not just as an individual but a dignified human. Please stand for THEIR rights and help us in giving to them what THEY deserve. Please demand that that the VA funds these dogs for this type of illness that effects more people than any other post war illness, or disability. Thank you

We are pushing this petition on our main International Animal Rescue Foundation page, we ask all Americans to now demand that the VA funds service dogs, to give to them what they DESERVE.. We have a duty of respect to help all, not just animals.

Once the goal has been reached your signatures and words of support will be sent to the VA to pressure them in to now "funding" this area. The proof IS there, now lets help these men and women for the help they gave to us in fighting terror, and fighting for our freedom of rights, speech, and expression.

Our American International Animal Rescue Foundation Page can be located here from which you can share to all of your friends more times than allows.

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Please support the troops and demand that the VA now FUNDS this area.




Thank you



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