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Garda work along side paedophile hunters

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After recent events in Drogheda Co Louth where 2 men within the hour of each other where caught by online predator hunters Silent Justice, one went to meet a 14 yr old girl of the bus after grooming her online for sex and another groomed 6 children from the ages of 10-14 yrs old. 

Garda are very under resourced in sexual crimes committed in Ireland, there is only a small unit who are under a very heavy work load. 

Grooming of under age children should have a mandatory prison sentence of 5 years just for grooming a child under 17. 

Inciting a meet with what they believe to be a child under the age of 17 a mandatory prison sentence of 10 years. 

Sending pornographic pictures/videos to a child under the age of 17 years a mandatory 5 years in prison. 

To date 3 online predators have been handed to garda with solid evidence of the crimes been committed against what they believe to be children. All 3 men have been let walk free to abuse more children. 

Today it has come to light that garda knew about a co Meath man who downloaded and sent pornographic images of very young children on a computer a few years ago. No charges was brought against that man, he was let roam and continue with his vile acts, recently Canada's sexual crime unit informed the garda that this man was a serious predator and it was only then the garda acted and charges where brought against this vile man preying on children.  

The law needs to be more clear and charges should be brought straight away to these offenders so they don't have the opportunity to actually meet and rape real children. 

Garda need to work along side with paedophile hunters.

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