The Department of Immigration of Australia MURDERED my family

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Dear humanitarians,

My father is a Chinese Immigrant who is currently being detained in the detention centre. The Department of Immigration wants to deport him after he has been living in Australia for 30 years. In their efforts to deport him, The Department of Immigration and The Department of Justice has repeatedly discriminated against my family by violating their Human rights and breaking the law. My brother, mother and I are all Australian Citizens. We have tried to reason with The Government, yet like many we have been met with dismissive responses. We demand an official apology and proper acknowledgement of his case.

Their crimes against humanity

1. illegal detention

In their attempts to deport my father, they have illegally and irresponsibility detained him repeatedly. My father held a valid bridging visa from 1994 to 2015. Despite of this, The Immigration illegally detained him first in 2004 for a period of 132 days, then once again from 2012 to 2015 for a period of three years. The Immigration justifies this by reasoning that they reasonably suspected that he was an illegal immigrant at the time of detaining him. However, by confirmation from reputable legal sources, It is said that The Immigration must go through an internal process to identify the visa status of a person before they can detain them. They did not go through that process, which would have showed that he held a valid visa. This is worsen by the fact that for the first period of illegal detention, the Immigration admitted their negligence and compensated my father, yet -- under similar circumstances -- they illegally detained him again for a second lengthy period. Moreover, during these detention periods, they have attempted to deport my father numerous times. These irresponsible actions have grossly undermined our family's Human Rights and led to devastating consequences for our family.

2. Interference with family

In their attempts to deport my father, our family experienced extreme trauma.This is because my father has been living in Australia for 30 years; has no family members in China; has a deliberating heart condition and plays an important role in the family.

Elder Son

Upon hearing about my father's deportation, I plead to The Department of Immigration to reconsider their intentions. However, I was met with dismissive and hurtful comments. Because of this, I attempted suicide twice. After the fact, I developed severe depression and had to be monitored by my brother 24/7. Even then, The Department of Immigration is still apathetic towards my family's situation

Younger Son

In addition to the stress from my father's deportation, my brother also had to take care of me during those detention periods. Consequently, he had to defer from all his studies and abandon every important aspect of his life. Ever since then, he has developed depression and is unable to integrate back into society.

3. Inhumane treatment inside the detention centre


  •  During my father's detention, he has been repeatedly denied of medical attention despite having a serious heart condition that requires surgery
  • In July 2016, my father's mother was on death bed. However, The Immigration would not allow him to contact her. She died without saying her last words to him.


As Australian Citizens, we firmly believe that the Department of Immigration and Department of Justice has treated us unfairly and irresponsibility because we are from a Chinese background. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for them to overlook their blatant irresponsible behaviour and not offer any sort of apology. This is being swept under the rug because we are a minority and our voices will not be heard. No one should have to endured such grossly violations of Human Rights. We wish to use this petition to raise this great injustice against Australia Chinese Citizens so that no one has to go through what we have gone through. We demand an official apology.


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