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The female population of Ireland is approx. 2.5 million. Every female will, if they live long enough, lose their female hormones and reach menopause. In Ireland we are severely lacking in medical support and awareness of the health implications of this physical and mental change, and the impact it has every day on womens lives and their future health. 

Awareness of the severity of the menopausal transition and its 40 plus symptoms is lacking, 75% of women will be affected by symptoms and 25% will have symptoms that seriously affect their quality of life every day. Women are losing their sense of being, unable to work, hold down relationships both in and outside of the home. Physically they are unable to function properly. Hormones affect mental health, and women become depressed and isolated. The most common age for suicide in women is the same age as the menopause - 51 years of age. This is no coincidence. Women are being misdiagnosed and either denied treatment or being given incorrect treatment daily due to the lack of training and up to date information for our medical professionals. This has to change for our future females. We are living longer than ever and we need the women of Ireland to be heard and treated with compassion. We need them to be healthy and productive in the later part of their lives in our communities and our businesses.  We need GPs to have the correct training to help our female population manage their menopause in the best way possible, we need our younger generations to learn about Menopause as part of standard health and sex education. 

We call upon EVERYONE to sign this petition to bring Menopause to the forefront. We need this to be included in both Healthcare and Education. 

If you care and want to help change things for our future females please share this with EVERYONE and sign this petition!