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The Department of Health and Treasury: To agree that advice on care fees planning should be VAT exempt


The cost of care fees is ever increasing and is a major concern for the 800,000 plus families, whose relatives need some form of personal care each year in Britain.

The Government’s Social Care Bill will bring in significant changes to the funding of care fees and also require local authorities to play a bigger role in providing funding. It will require them to make independent advice available to those requiring funding through the Universal Deferred Payments scheme, a form of equity release funding.

At LEBC, we welcome this development as we believe that given the costs and complexity of the funding for care fees, all families can benefit from advice in this area. However the cost of advice can be a deterrent for some families who need it and this was recognised by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Insurance and Finance when they met to discuss the Bill on 5 June.

To help remove this potential barrier to financial inclusion and to help ensure that appropriate advice is available to those seeking care fees planning, we asked peers and MPS to lobby the Treasury to make advice on care fees planning VAT exempt. We now ask you to join in this by signing our petition, to be presented to the Dept of Health and Treasury.

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