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To accept Alexander Hamilton as an answer to People in History for Named Revolutionary

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In the People in History question in the Junior Cert exam the only named American leader accepted is George Washington. The America War of Independence could not have been won without Washington's aide, Alexander Hamilton.

As a Artillery Captain turned aide, to Washington, turned Lieutenant Colonel there is enough to write about his life and he was undoubtedly cataclysmic, maybe even consequential, to the revolution. So, why is he excluded? Why is man a footnote? Why is he the forgotten founding father?

Born to squalor, he wrote his way through life. From hell in a hurricane he wrote into existence the nation of states by his scriptures of democracy. He tailored the constitution to ideals of freedom. He articulated a financial bond, between states, ensuring there was no drift and distain possessed by one state for their counterparts. Alexander Hamilton is quintessential inspiration to write. 

The musical, Hamilton, has taught the world about this founding father. Students, myself included, have taken it upon ourselves to extend our education through the musical, we have used our time to learn history, we wanted to learn. Unfortunately the syllabus, is self-contained and solipsistic in nature. The syllabus doesn't accept key gears in the machine of the American revolution, only the shiniest, largest gear: Washington. 

There a vast pool of information on Hamilton, into which I have dove. There was no advantage in doing so, other than learning about the freeing of a modern superpower. Studying the background to any person in history or learning anything in history not mentioned on the syllabus, not regarded as important is useless. Such a sorrow that lives given by men and women to achieve our world, inventions forged through anguish and sleepless nights to achieve our world, disasters ensured by our predecessors to achieve our world can be, and are, deemed as "useless" by a department supposedly promoting an interest in education, specifically history. It is possible for the Department of Education in Ireland to rewrite the course, but we don't need that. We only require the acceptance of conducting research on our volition, outside of school. 


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