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Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention in Education

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We are part of a larger community, filled with friends, family and sometimes strangers. The way individuals within the community behave, affects the community as a whole. Knowing that means realizing that the issues that affect a few should resonate with everyone in the community.

Now let’s apply this to the issue of sexual assault. It may or may not have personally affected you, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to change the rape culture in your community, and America as a whole. The fact that 1 in 6 women will be victims of rape, is not just something that should upset women, but should upset everyone, and provoke them to take action. How is it okay to stay silent knowing that this happens within a community we live in? How should we feel safe in our community? People of ages 12- 34 are at the highest risk of sexual assault. How is it okay that young adults who’ve just been let into the world, be maimed in an egregious and life-changing way?

Our main goal is to inform the younger generations about sexual assault before they grow into thinking sexual assault is a moral, or an acceptable action. The fact, is sexual assault should not be tolerated, and everyone should actively work to prevent it. Without properly educating our youth about the culture of sexual assault, and teaching them against it, we will continue to see a world where people feel unsafe walking alone at night or perhaps drinking at a party. We need to educate children at a young age that this culture is not acceptable so that the in the future they don't have to live with this fear. 

Children are the young minds that will grow up to become the workforce of America. The future of our country depends on them. Children can be taught to respect everyone, whereas it’s harder for adults to change their behavior. It would be inexcusable not to teach children a curriculum that would prevent sexual assault. There should be a clear protocol for all schools to follow regarding the reporting of sexual assault, supporting victims, and punishing the assailants.

We are asking for schools to carry out the following:

Have a mandated health class twice a month for children grades 6-12
Teach sexual education
Inform the students about the difference between consent and rape
Show films/interviews of victims of sexual assault

We need to reverse the idea that men are superior to women. According to the University of Michigan, “When men are taught to be dominant and aggressive, this often leads to hyper-masculinity, male peer support for sexual aggression, development of rape myths, and adversarial sexual beliefs.” Sexual assault is committed by both men and women, but is committed in higher rates by men. Men who are ruled by “male dominance" are one of the most concerning problems faced by women. By teaching children when they're young, they will have a better understanding that sexual assault is a crime, and that it isn’t okay. We need to dismiss harmful stereotypes. To prevent sexual assault, our youth must be taught that demeaning and aggressive behavior aimed is unacceptable and wrong.

We need schools to join our cause in teaching children about sexual assault, before they go off to high school or college and make choices of their own. We need to reduce and end, the large number of sexual assault crimes everywhere. The first step is prevention, so awareness, and education is key.


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