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The Department of Education: Let all High School students go out for lunch

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Students should be allowed to go outside of school for lunch. This is important because not a lot of students actually like the lunch food that public schools supply us with. Actually 9/10 students would eat something else besides lunch food if they had a choice. It's not healthy, or sanitary. If the city cares so much about us as students, why not let us all go out for lunch?

Being a teen, food becomes really important to us. Our bodies change, our apetite changes. School lunch for the most part, a lot of us don't eat. There are reasons like, it doesn't hold you for the rest of the day, etc. Say I eat school lunch, probably like the period after, I'd get hungry yet again because not only do they limit the lunch food, but it's not enough for most of our apetities. If we get hungry, the hungrier we get, the more distracted we will be during classes. Which will distract other students. It's like a domino effect! 

Also, The DOE would probably save a lot of money. Like I've mentioned before, Not a lot of students value the lunch food provided by the school. If all high school students were allowed to leave campus to pick up some lunch, that money that would of gone in the school lunch could of been used for something the school and the students in the school would value. Like new sports gear, better seats and tables etc. 

We sit in classrooms ALL day. No sunlight, no freshair. Just the captivity of some grey walls and a hallway cramped up constantly with other people. Taking a break from the school, the odors, the captivity would be gradually appriciated. Refreshing our minds before the next few classes would really help us probably focus more, be in a happier environment. It would really, really benefit us. 

These are just a few basic reasons as to why high school students should be allowed to leave campus for lunch. It would help the community inside of the school, us as students. Even the teachers. Not having to deal with students constantly complaining about disgusting school lunch, and how hungry they are can really add up a lot don't you think? 

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