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Dress codes in schools/colleges should be relaxed and not governed by the school

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Schools and colleges are given the right to decide what they deem as acceptable for the students to wear during their time in education. This problem is mostly prevalent in secondary education and in colleges/sixth forms; the problem arises when females are told that their shoulders are too 'provocative' to have on show, whilst males are unable to wear shorts in most cases.

Today, I was personally asked to leave the premises of my sixth form for wearing shorts in weather that was close to exceeding 30 Degrees Celsius - 2 days before one of my final A-Level examinations. As a diabetic, regulating my body temperature is important in the control of my blood sugar levels, but I was told that shorts were not appropriate. This is something simple that would have helped make my day a lot easier and more comfortable; this happening whilst a female member of the sixth form team was wearing a dress that shows more of her legs that my black denim, smart shorts. The alternative I was offered was to 'wear a skirt or a dress', to college. 

Not only this, but some schools (such as mine), are telling the children in lower years that their blazers must be kept on at all times when outside of lesson - including lunch time and break. Due to the canteen not being big enough, children are forced outside in the blazing heat in a thick black blazer. Not only is this really uncomfortable for the students, but it is also downright dangerous to their health. To add to this, children are denied the chance to refill water bottles whilst in lesson which could lead to further damage through dehydration.

Schools take away the opportunity for students to feel comfortable whilst learning, which will directly effect their education and their grades at the end of their courses. Taking away the right for schools to come up with their own uniform code, and bringing in a standardisation across the countries schools and academies would make it impossible for these measures to be enforced by schools and colleges alike. An outdated generation of teachers who are uncomfortable with seeing a females shoulders is very concerning to me personally, as I can safely say that I have never been distracted from my education by a female with her shoulders on show.

I urge anyone: parents, students, even teachers to sign this petition to put a stop to the romanticised idea that a school should be a strict business environment. We are people aged 11-18, who will eventually go on to build successful careers in the future, despite wearing a pair of shorts in our youth to keep cool in the summer heat. Education should be about building connections with people, and coming together as a community to continue to create a progressive society - no a place where appearances are more important than being in lessons and expanding your knowledge.

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