Renaming of Confederate Military Bases

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Troy Mosley
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Ten U.S. Army military bases bare the names of Confederate leaders.  These bases were dedicated during the early twentieth century to appease white southerners, and to subjugate black and brown people to second class citizenry.  Thankfully, the United States has overcome segregation, yet the United States Army has failed to change with the nation in this regard.  American Democracy is under direct threat by foreign governments exploiting long standing divisions and inciting discord among American Citizens.  These 10 bases are not only out of step with American values and the Army’s own values, they give legitimacy to those who believe in racial superiority, and they promulgate inequity by honoring those who took up arms against the United States.  Please join Citizens United Against Intolerance (CUAI), by signing the petition to change the names of these 10 tax payer funded U.S. Army military bases.

Fort Bragg, NC (1918)
Fort Hood, TX (1942)
Fort Benning, GA (1918)
Fort Polk, LA (1941)
Fort Gordon, GA (1917)
Fort A.P. Hill, VA (1941)
Fort Pickett, VA (1942)
Fort Lee, VA (1917)
Fort Rucker, AL (1942)
Camp Beauregard, LA (1917)