To cancel all clinical placement during Covid-19

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I’m writing this in regards of current covid-19 situation going on among the international nursing students. As you are aware, the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison stated that all international student nurses will have to join in to help the community in this difficult time. But as a international students. We have quite a few concerns from both parents and ourselves.

1)      Most of us are the only child in the family, and our parents are so worried about our health and safety while on placement.

2)       The death rate in Australia is not high at the moment, but each of our individual have different health state. Some of us might have really low immunity, and we don’t think it’s the good time for us to go on for placement.

3)      The importance of PPE (personal protective equipment). Base from school and hospital policy, we aren’t allowed to wear PPE unless the patient is on precautions. Which will put us in danger as we might come in contact with patient who have not yet diagnosis with Covid-19 and the virus will pass on to us due to direct contact.  A lots of confirmed cases shows patients with no symptoms of Covid-19 but then test positive. The general  incubation period is 14 days but can take up to 27 days to shows symptoms. So the notice from Government of Health stating that “you do not have to wear masks if you are well” is wrong, because we are not sure which one might be the carrier of the virus.

4)      As international students, we do not receive any welfare or medicare programme from the Government. Unlike Citizens and Permanent Residents, we are paying a generously huge amount of tuition fees to University and yet we do not feel been protected.

5)      We hope the University or the Government can hear our voices as well, if we are diagnosed with Covid-19 while on placement, is the Government ,the University and the Hospital  going to cover all the costs that’s going to occur while we been sick.

We, the international students really want someone who can listen to our voices as well. Coronavirus is not simply a flu, there is no vaccination invented yet.  We hope there is a petition in regards of whether international students should go on clinical placement at this stage.