Stop forced adoption

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Kait Allport started this petition to The Department for Health and Social Care and

My uncles life has been destroyed by Social Services. Years ago when my eldest uncle warned us what they were like we didn’t believe; we do now. The more you look online at forced adoption cases you will see the similarities of how the  System takes advantage of people with mental health disabilities and it’s so wrong. 

 More recent events bring me to the topic of my uncle Franks baby.  As of yesterday the baby was taken from my uncle and her mother and placed under forced adoption.  They told them to say there goodbyes and that was it, never to see her again until she was 16. My uncle was devastated; she was his world.  Before the baby was born the social workers gave my uncle and his girlfriend false promises that the baby will stay with them as long as they do everything by the book. Which they did.

Franks past life was troublesome and he’s never said It wasn’t.  He would drink, do drugs and steroids but he’s been sober from all three for three years now as his main goal was focusing on getting his life together. Now he sits in watching movies and cooking, also getting up early for the babies contact and classes set up for him.  He was making the effort however the social services weren’t bothered by it, it seemed their decision was set in stone.  

One of Franks conditions trying to get the baby was doing regular drug tests. People would come round and carry them out of at his house.  One particular time Franks hair was too short therefore he offered his fingernails instead.  They took his fingernails but later it was noted that Frank had refused to take the test. In a legal document lies like this were portrayed throughout. 

 The social workers Frank dealt with always judged him.  Frank has ADHD, depression and slight autism therefore he should’ve had an appropriate adult with him everytime the social workers came round to his house. He should’ve had someone specifically trained to deal with a person with learning difficulties. Instead social services used this as a way to manipulate him and make lies up about him knowing he was vulnerable. On another occasion Frank brought his dog out from the cold into the living room to stroke and it was later noted on a report that Frank brought the dog in to intimidate the social worker. Again, untrue. 

 Frank was also criticised for shaking the babies bottle when making it.  The social worker said that the bottle has got to be stirred with a spoon.  The social worker then later contradicted herself saying it was her own ‘personal preference’. They were picking at anything and everything they could just to belittle Frank and make him feel like he wasn’t doing a good job. My own mother, who worked in a nursery used to shake the bottle and it was never frowned upon. Therefore I ask; what is the problem? 

 The babie social worker was very nice to my uncle and his girlfriend, almost like befriending them. However when the parenting assessments were failed her whole attitude towards them changed.  The Social worker lost interest in them and no longer gave Frank any goals or courses to do. The social worker befriended them only to then use everything the vulnerable couple had told her against them. Also the reason for failing the parenting assessment was put down to Franks lifestyle despite him telling them he had changed and even showing them he had changed. 

It’s unfair how my uncle and his girlfriend have been treated by the authorities and forced to watch their baby get adopted in front of them without being able to do anything about it, no matter how hard they try. People who do drugs and even committed terrible crimes still get rights to see their children and be with them. Even the fails In the system show how many babies and children needed the help but didn’t get it until it was too late. The authorities have preyed on a couple who both have learning difficulties and they know this.  Both Frank and his girlfriend have got support from their families to look after the baby and help out. He has even offered for the baby to stay with my Nan if needs be. However, none of this seems to be good enough. 

Yesterday the family courts ruled the baby would be adopted and taken the following day .  Main reason for this being what could happen in the future for example if the couple were arguing and it turned violent. Despite my uncle and his girlfriend having no violence ever between them. Therefore they have taken the baby on what could be the risks in the future rather than what ARE the facts right now; that their is no risks. 

We want the baby back with her family and her parents where she belongs. We are all devastated and we know that as a family we can give the support the couple may require. We just want her back! It is so unfair and I hope after reading this you will sign and help us stop forced adoption. And help us stop this happening to many other families and vulnerable people. 

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At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!