Reopen of Gym in Malaysia on 13/5/20

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Gym and fitness is the most important industry which should put in a 1st line for the re-open.

This is should be take as measure as preventive action to avoid any dieses and improve the immune system in human body. In Other word it is prevent and natural recovery for the person who impacted with Covid.Therefore Gym and fitness is more safer compare to all the Malls and other industry which is not able to control on the person behaviour as well. The impact to closed down of the Gym and fitness not only for the gym member but it is impacting for the Owner and Staff who is surving in this industry since all their pay is based on the customer and services. The rental and overhead cost may caused owner suffer on financial problem and staff too will suffer due no salary on this period of time. 

The re-open of the gym and fitness could be with proper SOP and control as define by KKM. Just like what KKM did to other industry. We should start providing awareness to all Fitness activities in gym and with guidance and monitor by Personal trainers and staff, we are sure the chances of spreading Covid19 virus is Zero. We are sure that there will be 100% good control in fitness industry (indoor gym) compare to outside shops and malls which  unknown people come in and go. In gym and fitness we can record all members that enter with full personal detail that we could easier track back for future reference in needed.

We sincerely hope that Malaysia Government (KKM, MKN, MSN and other department that related) will allow GYM to be open back on 13th May 2020.