Lactation consultant - A helpline to breastfeeding mothers.

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Why does a mother think that a lactation consultant is of prime importance when she is breastfeeding her 1st baby? Breastfeeding journey spans from birth to minimum 2 years and can go beyond it. The general notion is that breastfeeding is an easy process but the actual tribulation is well known only by the mother who faces problems while breastfeeding her baby. So she looks for other easier and less painful replacement, like formula feed, etc.

Breastfeeding is a dynamic process which changes according to baby's needs. Breastfeeding a newborn is different than breastfeeding a toddler. The problem faced at each stage of breastfeeding is to totally different and a new mother feels overwhelmed by new challenges everyday
Need for lactation consultants in the society is due to lack of proper knowledge among mothers which are not provided to them by their safeguards . Other benefits of Lactation consultants, they provide support and live interaction between mothers and lactation consultant. Doctor and medical staff is already over worked in India and cannot extend support throughout the ‘Breastfeeding’ journey. Lactation consultants can also give valuable knowledge about modern home based techniques, solution to breastfeeding related issues and other problems. They can also give regular follow ups to Breastfeeding mothers who are working outside home. So specialists who can help mothers in day to day issues as well as can help to establish breastfeeding in difficult situations is the need of the time.

Peer support groups can be of great help, these groups are essentially support groups for breastfeeding mothers in which the problem of trouble struck mothers can be resolved by proper dialogue or group discussion with other fellow breastfeeding mothers without any interference from the health officials.
These groups should be created in all hospitals and must have a lactation consultant.

So there is an urge for such groups and lactation consultants. It is a kind and humble request to the government, MUHS, and DMER to increase seats in lactation consultant course in colleges in and around Maharashtra, so as to form a safe comfort zone around this essential part of society.

The global cost of not breastfeeding is said to be "6 billion dollars" , so let's promote, support and normalize breastfeeding by providing expertise.