Introduce Vaginismus to the Sex Education Curriculum in the UK

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Hannah Van-de-Peer
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Vaginismus is a common sex disorder in which the vaginal muscles involuntarily contract when penetration is attempted. This doesn’t necessarily have to occur during penetrative sex! Tampons, fingers, speculums and sex toys may also trigger the condition to flare up; resulting in physical pain, burning, bleeding, and persistent mental anguish. 

There is, unfortunately, very little coverage surrounding the disorder; and with symptoms similar to STDs such as Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia, vagina-owners are subsequently discouraged from seeking medical help due to embarrassment or fear. Articles found on news outlets such as Cosmopolitan wrongly suggest that this disorder is a rarity; a sexual anomaly, if you will...

1 in 5 people in the UK will develop this disorder at some point in their lives. (Vaginismus Awareness)

Although the condition is not life-threatening, many vagina-owners will vouch that it has had a significant impact on their mental health, confidence, and outlook on relationships. Many people also view Vaginismus as infantilising; as they are unable to partake in a traditionally ‘adult’ act. Lack of education, sadly, plays a great part in that.

At the age of 11-12, we’re taught about male sexual disorders such as Erectile Dysfunction. The boys are often reaffirmed that this is a common occurrence, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. So, why do we not set the same standard for our young girls? Why are we often subjected to finding out about our bodies through frantic Googling, ten years later? 

My aim is to get Vaginismus taught as part of a compulsory addition to the current sex education curriculum; thus, eliminating the stigma, fear and embarrassment surrounding painful sex. The earlier the condition is identified, the easier it is to treat. 

Note: Vaginismus may also prevent underlying causes such as trauma and Generalised Anxiety from being identified; while also devastatingly preventing the early detection of cervical Cancer, due to the pain of speculum insertion. 


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