Implement a License to Practice in the Aesthetics Industry

Implement a License to Practice in the Aesthetics Industry

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Lisa Wadforth started this petition to The Department for Health and Social Care and

The Safe Face Campaign was founded by Lisa Wadforth and Savannah Pearson in 2020. 

We are both passionate about the Non Surgical Industry and most of all the  safety of patients. Currently, there is not a regulating body for Medics and Non Medics to monitor and Inspect practitioners. Our aim is to create a “License to Practice” and a Safe Face Register to regulate the Aesthetic Industry and for members of the public to ensure their practitioners are following and abiding by fundamental standards. 

Our company Motto is: Monitor, Inspect and Protect. 

The Safe Face Campaign consists of a number different aims and objectives: 

Implement a Safe Face “LICENSE TO PRACTICE” (Each individual/business will be given a membership number and certificate to place and show in their clinics) This would be be issued through a local council. 

This will also enable practitioners/ businesses to be checked by the public by using their Safe Face membership number via our safe face app (in the process of been launched) or website. 

The Safe Face Register will have the practitioners registration details, qualification details, how long they have been established,  inspection reports and will be available to view at the Safe Face Website/App

For both Medics and Non Medics in the Aesthetics Industry.

A clear pathway regulated with a license to enable patients to check/ ensure they are receiving safe care and that their practitioners are following professional standards. 

Yearly inspections/ Unannounced visits to check business are compliant throughout- The inspection report will be made available to the public via Safe Face Website. 

Traffic light system with  RED been INADEQUATE  and  GREEN been OUTSTANDING.

Bringing a divided community to one. Ensuring that the correct training has been provided, and classing those that pass as safe competent practitioners.

Numerous checks will be done in the registration Waste disposal/ correct insurances/ complications trained/ first aid trained/ qualification check/ sterile/ aseptic technique. Inspection report to asses the clinical environment is sterile/wipeable and in line with infection control. 

⚠️These should be mandatory prior to been passed. ⚠️

The license fee should be paid by the business to their local council.

Helping Insurance companies. If you don’t have a license, you won’t obtain insurance, you can not practice. 

Creating a portal in which complaints/ bad practice can be reported and followed up correctly and could result in the license been revoked. 

Ensuring practitioners qualifications are accredited with the correct governing body, this will help prevent unregulated academies setting up. 

If you don’t have a safe face “license to practice” membership number, dermal filler can not be purchased from any reputable pharmacy/supplier. 

Safe Face are trying to implement this “licence to practice” to carry out cosmetic procedures such as Botox or Dermal Fillers under a number of different proposals being put forward to the government. 

The aim is to provide assurance for people who choose to have procedures which pierce or penetrate the skin carried out by healthcare/ non-healthcare professionals in premises such as aesthetic clinics, beauty salons, hairdressers and other similar locations.

We feel this needs to be enforced and safe face become a government backed register for both MEDICS AND NON MEDICS as a matter of urgency, hence the petition been put into fruition.  

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!