Help put pressure on the pharmaceutical companies

Help put pressure on the pharmaceutical companies

5,170 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!

Why this petition matters

Started by Jane Herron

Pharmaceutical companies use sick people to trial their medicines but are free to stop treatments whenever they want.

We need to put pressure on these companies to continue the treatments at the request of the patient. 

Profit should not be put before people and pharmaceutical companies should not cease the treatment, especially beneficial treatment, after the agreed scheduled period of treatment comes to an end.

Following the diagnosis and treatment with chemotherapy on lung cancer, patient X relapsed and was given a course of radiotherapy. This was followed by an experimental immunotherapy treatment. Whilst this treatment will not cure the cancer it has stopped it growing and spreading. Patient X wants to continue with the treatment but the pharmaceutical company will end their treatment in January 2019.

Please sign this petition to help support our plea for continuation on the treatment; cost should not come before a persons life. Pharmaceutical companies should not decided who can have and who can't based on profit margins. 

Support the campaign to get this much loved mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and cousin, continued access to the immunotherapy treatment. Help keep her in her home with her family around her and give her and her family the peace of mind that everything that could be done, was done.

Please sign this petition today and forward to all of your contacts. Thank you. 

5,170 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!