Don’t rob my children of their dignity: Provide incontinence pads

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Thank you for signing - we are starting to get heard!

Thank you so much everyone who has signed my petition, it means a lot to children and adults with disabilities. I’m sure many of you didn’t realise that people with disabilities were rationed in continence products in some areas of the country. But because you signed this petition this issue is finally getting attention! After we reached 80,000 signatures both the Metro online and my local BBC station has covered our story! We now need to spread the word further afield and you can help! Please share this media coverage so that more people can find out about this issue and sign the petition.  Share the Metro piece: Share this video on Facebook: am still so angry that my children and other people with disabilities are being denied incontinence pads. I wish I didn’t have to campaign for this, but I will do it so that all people with disabilities can live a dignified life!Thank you again so much - your signature has made a real difference. Keep spreading the message and I will keep you updated on the campaign!Please  remember to share the Metro article: And share this video on Facebook:

Jackie Hoadley
3 years ago