Make it compulsory by law for the Greyhound Board of Great Britain to publish detailed monthly injury statistics.

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Where are all the injured greyhounds?
Research undertaken by Greyt Exploitations found that at least 40,000 greyhounds have been injured in the past 10 years on British tracks. For more than 18,000 greyhounds - many less than 2 years old - it was to be their last race.
At one track alone in 2013 - Romford - there were 428 injuries and 131 of those dogs have not raced since.
The GBGB has attempted to conceal the extent of track injuries and what happens to inujred dogs but we believe the industry has a moral duty to be accountable and transparent regarding a dog’s fate once they’re deemed a financial liability.
Where are all these injured greyhounds - what has happened to them? Greyhounds are sentient creatures - not disposable gambling chips and the public have a right to know.

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