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Get Schools to run a compulsory Dog Safety class yearly for their pupils and parents

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On many occasions have dog owners come across badly behaved children on their daily dog walks. Kids seem to approach dogs without any awareness of dog's behavior, history or body language, often approaches like that have been harmless and end with a distressed dog owner and dog, but it is not uncommon for a dog to snap back, bark, push over or bite a child if startled and approached inconsiderately.

In a dog attack the only party involved seem to be the "aggressor" in other words the dog and it's owner, it is rarely ever taken under consideration how the dog has been approached by the child, whether the parent has attempted to recall their child back, or whether they have actually encouraged the child's negative approach to the unsuspected dog. Children behavior as such is easily corrected by a lengthy talk from their parents, which sometimes gets neglected due to the busy lifestyle today's parents often lead, sometimes due to the fact that the parents have never had a dog themselves and are unfamiliar on the topic. However, there should be another option - a compulsory Dog Safety annual class in all schools across the country. 

No dog should be approached without their owner's knowledge and consent as often the case is that dogs are unpredictable when startled and taken by surprise, we are lucky to have been hearing more happy ending stories than sad, however it is an issue us dog owners seem to be coming across more often than not. Many people will say "Kids will always be kids" however we should not underestimate their intelligence and we should provide more opportunities for them to learn about basic etiquette around dogs, their body language and most importantly dog safety!  Lets keep the kids in Great Britain safe and lets make the next generation of adults sensible and a bit more dog friendly. 

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